Water Coolers & Accessories in Yeppoon


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Range of Water Coolers to Buy or Rent

At Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water, we have water coolers available for hire or purchase in and around Yeppoon. We provide:

  • Benchtop water coolers (ambient & cold)
  • Floor-standing water coolers (ambient & cold)
  • Ceramic dispensers with bench stand
  • Bottle covers
  • Plastic dispensers
  • Benchtop bottled water caps & stands
  • Manual bottled water pumps
  • Non-spill valves & caps

Based in Yeppoon, we ship our products to all clients throughout the Central Queensland area, including Mackay, Moranbah, Blackwater, Gladstone, the Isaac Region, Emerald, Biloela, Sarina, Moura, Gracemere, Tieri, Capella, Clermont, Middlemount, and Agnes Water.

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Water Coolers For Hire & Purchase

A water cooler is a refrigeration unit that provides a supply of filtered, clean drinking water. Commonly used to fill up glasses, jugs or bottles, users simply place their glass or jug beneath the faucet and press a lever or button to activate a flow of water. These devices tend to have a refrigerator mechanism that cools the water to an ice-cold temperature before it is delivered. Beyond cooling, other functions include filtration and even carbonation of drinking water.

We also provide bulk pallets to hold the empty bottles. Our FP2 pallet cages are stackable two-high, ensuring maximum use of limited floor space. Your preferred freight company can return the pallet cages full of empty bottles and we’ll forward on your next delivery.

Our delivery trucks service the entire Central Queensland region– including mining sites and associated industries. Minimum delivery numbers apply.

How Do Water Coolers Work?

The most common water cooler is the bottle-fed water dispenser. This sort of equipment obtains its water supply from an inverted water bottle fixed on top of the water cooler. When the bottle of water is inserted into the orifice at the water cooler’s top, the seal of the water bottle is broken or pierced by a device referred to as the ‘spike’. The water can then flow into the water cooler for consumption.

The water cooler contains a valve, which stops the water inside the bottle from rushing out all at once. The water is then transferred into a reservoir where it is cooled by a refrigerant. A compressor inside the cooler creates pressure which causes the refrigerant to change from liquid to gas. When in gas form, the refrigerant circulates in the pipes, absorbing heat from the water stored in the reservoir. The result is cool and refreshing water that is ready to drink.

Water coolers are advantageous in that they reduce the amount of plastic that would be used when consuming individually bottled water. They also take up less space.

Getting A Cold Water From Dispenser — Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water in Tieri, QLD
Woman Taking Water From A Dispenser

Types Of Water Coolers

Some of the most common water coolers include:

  • Floor standing

These dispensers are appropriate for use in commercial and semi-commercial environments. Their small size saves space while allowing for easy storage.

  • Tabletop

Tabletop dispensers are typically utilised in areas where space is limited. They are compact and may be stored over the counter on a platform for convenient use.

We offer these water coolers to households and businesses for rent or purchase.

Benefits Of Having A Water Cooler

Some of the benefits of water coolers include:

1. Easy To Set Up

It is not difficult to install a water cooler. It is a fairly easy task, and if you purchase or hire one from us, our technicians will install it for you.

2. Easy To Maintain

It is not necessary to clean your cooler daily. Cleaning is only necessary once a week. If anything has to be repaired or replaced, our technicians will do so quickly and effectively.

3. Plenty Of Options To Choose From

There are several types of water coolers to select from. Our water coolers range from tabletop to freestanding. You can also choose between a bottled water cooler and one that is piped in.

4. It Is Extremely Convenient To Have A Water Cooler

Dispensers are so easy to use; all you have to do is switch the tab on the faucet to get great-tasting water at the correct temperature.

At Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water, we supply and deliver a wide range of water coolers and accessories for purchase and hire. Contact us today at 07 4939 3946 or admin@aussiegold.net.au for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is no! Spring water contains a mixture of elements – such as calcium and potassium. Each spring water has a slightly different taste. Aussie Gold is pure, fresh water drawn from an unpolluted, underground source with a delicate, appealing flavour. Carefully bottled at source in hygienic conditions, the resultant product is brought to you in peak condition.

As Aussie Gold tastes so good, it’s ideal to complement meals, as well as to drink on its own or to use as a mixer. Providing optimal hydration, spring water is a good option for work, home, or out-and-about. Perfect for the hospitality industry, the attractive packaging of Aussie Gold ensures it has plenty of visual appeal.

Spring water comes from underground streams that run deep beneath the earth’s surface. As the water runs over the rocks, tiny particles of minerals are picked up and carried along. These help to give our water its unique flavour.

Studies conducted in the past have shown that water coolers can potentially harbour dangerous diseases, such as E.coli and pseudomonas, when left unmaintained. Unfortunately, this has put some people off using these beneficial items in their own businesses or home. This is a myth. A well-maintained cooler that is regularly cleaned and has fresh water inside will never be a danger to any user’s heath, and it is important that you keep yours up to standard too so that everyone has a pleasant experience whilst using our products.

Carbonating your own water can be done at home using baking soda and vinegar. Just tread carefully with this option by carefully measuring the amount you are putting in – or you could end up with a huge mess due to your water, and your glass in extreme cases, exploding. We recommend saving yourself some stress with one of our specialist water coolers. This process will all be done for you inside the machine, so there will be no concerns regarding the amount of ingredients you are using, and no chance of the carbonation going wrong.

A ceramic water dispenser works in exactly the same way as any other water cooler, only it is made from ceramic pot and glass instead. Due to their ornamental appearance, they look great on either an office desk or in your kitchen. The act of buying one of these is similar to adding a picturesque piece of furniture to your room, as they look the least industrial out of our entire range of products, but still do a fantastic job just like a standard cooler or dispenser, so there will be no deduction in quality.

Both water coolers and dispensers are very old pieces of kit which trace back to 1906. Two men called Halsey Willard Taylor and his theologiser, Luther Haws, produced a device which offered an easy way to supply fresh, chilled water, replacing the previous ineffective system which was killing customers by contamination and disease. It provided a safe way to access a drink and has been a successful, healthy product for many years. The new device has now been evolved in its continued use and stocked by many suppliers, including us here at Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water.

Because we have many different kinds of kit, you should contact us directly to receive a quote for your order, or even some advice on the type you want or what parts you need for the job at hand. Similarly, you can also visit our online shop to calculate an overall cost yourself. Our water coolers can either be bought upfront or hired, so if full payment is not possible, we recommend small payments over several months whilst your hire a machine from us.