We Provide Water Coolers & Accessories in Yeppoon


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Design Your Own Labelled Bottles

At Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water, we supply and deliver a massive range of water coolers and accessories. Based in Yeppoon, we ship our products to all clients throughout the Central Queensland area, including Mackay, Gladstone, Blackwater, Moranbah, Emerald and the Isaac Region.

One of our customer favourites is the ever-popular promotional bottle. This is one of our latest products. Available in 600ml bottles, you can now have your own labelled bottles of water! It’s a healthy and hydrating gift that also doubles as a unique promotional and marketing item.

Our team can design a custom label for you, or you can send in your own designs. Minimum orders do apply. Contact the team at Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water on (07) 4939 3946 for further information about deliveries and spring water in Yeppoon.

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Water Coolers for Hire & Purchase

At Aussie Gold, we have water coolers available for hire or purchase in and around Yeppoon. We provide:

  • Benchtop water coolers (ambient & cold)
  • Floor-standing water coolers (ambient & cold)
  • Ceramic dispensers with bench stand
  • Bottle covers
  • Plastic dispensers
  • Benchtop bottled water caps & stands
  • Manual bottled water pumps
  • Non-spill valves & caps

We also provide bulk pallets to hold the empty bottles. Our FP2 pallet cages are stackable two-high, ensuring maximum use of limited floor space. Your preferred freight company can return the pallet cages full of empty bottles and we’ll forward on your next delivery.

Our delivery trucks service the entire Central Queensland region– including mining sites and associated industries. Minimum delivery numbers apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is no! Spring water contains a mixture of elements – such as calcium and potassium. Each spring water has a slightly different taste. Aussie Gold is pure, fresh water drawn from an unpolluted, underground source with a delicate, appealing flavour. Carefully bottled at source in hygienic conditions, the resultant product is brought to you in peak condition.

As Aussie Gold tastes so good, it’s ideal to complement meals, as well as to drink on its own or to use as a mixer. Providing optimal hydration, spring water is a good option for work, home, or out-and-about. Perfect for the hospitality industry, the attractive packaging of Aussie Gold ensures it has plenty of visual appeal.

Spring water comes from underground streams that run deep beneath the earth’s surface. As the water runs over the rocks, tiny particles of minerals are picked up and carried along. These help to give our water its unique flavour.