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Keeping You Naturally Hydrated

Looking for a way to keep your team hydrated while they’re on the job? Thinking about getting a water cooler for the office? We’ve got you covered! At Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water, we’ve been bottling and delivering premium natural spring water to residential, commercial and industrial clients in Blackwater—from the Blackwater Country Club to Coronado Curragh Mine.

You can learn more facts about spring water on our blog or read about our quality products here. We also provide bottled water with personalised labels—great for marketing campaigns, promotions or gifts. You can order online here or call us on (07) 4939 3946 to get your free quote.

Gallon Of Purified Drinking Water — Spring Water Online in Blackwater, QLD

The Delivery Experts

At Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water, we’re 100% family-owned and operated, and we serve the entire Central Queensland region. Founding owner-operator, Trevor Luck, started the business in 1994 with the goal of providing quality, locally sourced spring water throughout the area. His daughter, Janette, now acts as Managing Director; his son, David, as Operations Manager; and his son-in-law, Justin, as General Manager.

We proudly distribute our HACCP-accredited spring water to even the most remotely located homes and businesses in Central Queensland, specialising in bulk deliveries of our 15L and 19L bottles of water. From construction sites to mining operations, our delivery drivers operate throughout an area close to 200,000 square kilometres.

With our history of keeping our customers hydrated throughout the region, we’re well-known for our quick and easy ordering process, as well as for our reliable and timely deliveries. You can learn about our service areas here.

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Spring Water

We supply Blackwater locals with quality spring water sourced from the Capricorn Coast. Our water is proudly HACCP-accredited and we have it tested fortnightly to ensure our supplies are fresh and healthy.

Delivery Worker Holding A Gallon Of Water — Spring Water Online in Blackwater, QLD

Spring Water Delivery

From residential homes and offices to mining and construction sites, we service and deliver our quality spring water to all properties throughout Blackwater and surrounds.

Three Water Bottles and Cups — Spring Water Online in Blackwater, QLD

About Our Water

Governments and the N.A.T.A frequently report that our bottled water is one of the purest natural spring waters across the globe. Treat yourself to a glass in Blackwater today!

Water Poured From Water Cooler — Spring Water Online in Blackwater, QLD

Coolers & Accessories

Ceramic and plastic dispensers, bottle covers, non-spill valves—we have a huge range of water coolers and accessories available for hire or purchase in Blackwater.

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Order Online

From 15L and 19L bottles of water to hot and cold water coolers, you can order from our complete range in Blackwater via our online store.

Customised Water Bottle — Spring Water Online in Blackwater, QLD

Promotional Bottled Spring Water

Anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, marketing campaigns—leave lasting memories with your family or clients with our personalisable bottle labels. We deliver throughout Blackwater and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Springs are usually found in areas with thick bedrock–usually limestone. The water rises through the limestone, which has a relatively soft texture. As it rises, the rock itself filters out many of the impurities. That’s why springs always seem so pure and clear.

Spring water is oxygen-heavy, which plants need, and it will help them thrive even more than regular tap water, even if it’s filtered. Also, the minerals that are naturally in spring water give vegetables an added boost so they get stronger.

Spring water’s shelf life varies on how it is handled, stored and processed. The shelf life of spring water is typically 1-3 years.