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Why Choose Us?

The team at Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water has been bottling and delivering high-quality, great-tasting natural spring water since 1994. Based in Yeppoon, we deliver throughout the Central Queensland region, including Mackay, Moranbah, Blackwater, Gladstone, the Isaac Region, Emerald, Biloela, Sarina, Moura, GracemereTieriCapellaClermontMiddlemount, and Agnes Water. We work with all clients, from homeowners and office managers to clients in the construction and mining sectors. If you need spring water delivered fast, we’ll be there.

Currently, the spring water industry is unregulated. However, our HACCP-accreditation is our seal of approval. We are proud to be genuine premium spring water extractors. Over the years, we’ve established an outstanding reputation in the industry, and we are renowned for providing one of the best spring water delivery services in Queensland.

Whereas council implementation of the FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) only requires water testing once per year, HACCP accreditation requires fortnightly testing. Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water is audited annually and implements stringent hygiene, bottling, and distribution best practices.

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Spring Water — Spring Water Supplier in Yeppoon, QLD

Benefits of Spring Water

Our spring water is extracted directly from a deep on-site underground aquifer on the Capricorn Coast. This is one of the purest water sources in the world and we test it regularly.

Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water contains no additives, is free from all contamination, and requires no chemical treatment to make it drinkable. Our spring water filters through volcanic rock over a long period of time, adding natural minerals that give it that unique and refreshing taste.

We also provide water cooler hirequick spring water delivery and promotional bottled water. What’s more, we are happy to accept online orders. For a free quote, contact the team at Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water on (07) 4939 3946.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aussie Gold’s spring water comes from a pure, unpolluted source. It’s bottled in sterile conditions, ensuring it’s very safe to drink. Tap water is purified before going into the system, but it may still contain a low level of contaminants. In addition, tap water passes through miles of underground pipes before it reaches you, where there’s a risk of picking up particles of foreign matter. Whilst tap water is usually still safe to drink, bottled water is definitely a purer, safer option.

Hydration is the replacement of body fluids lost through sweating, exhalation, and excretion – which your body does every day. Human blood is 95% water; bones are 22% water; and 75% of the human brain is water. Water carries nutrients and oxygen. It is essential for the functioning of all the body’s living cells.

Spring water offers numerous benefits due to its unique mineral composition. It’s naturally filtered through layers of rock, which adds essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. These minerals not only give spring water its refreshing taste, they also contribute to overall health and well-being by supporting strong bones, proper muscle function and maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance.

No, there are no chemicals added to our spring water. Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water is extracted directly from a pristine underground aquifer on the Capricorn Coast and undergoes no chemical treatment. This ensures the water is free from contaminants, providing you with the purest and most natural drinking water possible. Our fresh spring water is simply filtered spring water, with no other chemicals, preservatives or flavourings added.

Absolutely! Although the spring water industry is currently unregulated, Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water holds HACCP accreditation, which means we adhere to strict hygiene, bottling and distribution practices. We also perform fortnightly testing, ensuring our spring water meets the highest safety and quality standards.

We deliver our premium spring water throughout Central Queensland, including Rockhampton, Capricorn Coast, Mount Morgan, Blackwater, Gladstone, Gracemere, Emerald, Rolleston, Longreach and Biloela. We also deliver to Capella, Tieri, Moranbah, Isaac Region, Clermont, Middlemount, Springsure, Moura, Mackay and Sarina. Ultimately, we’re able to deliver to almost anywhere in Queensland, so contact our team to find out if we can deliver to your area. We cater to a wide range of clients, from private individuals, offices and construction sites to weddings and corporate events.

Please contact our customer service team at (07) 4939 3946 to discuss delivery options during public holidays. We aim to accommodate your needs and provide a convenient and reliable delivery service.

Our spring water is sourced from a deep underground aquifer located on the Capricorn Coast in Central Queensland. This aquifer is one of the purest water sources globally, filtered through volcanic rock, which imparts natural minerals and a unique, refreshing taste.

Spring water comes from a natural underground source, is rich in essential minerals and has a distinct taste due to its unique mineral content. In contrast, purified water is typically sourced from tap water or other sources, undergoes extensive treatment to remove impurities and contaminants and has most minerals removed. While purified water is clean and safe to drink, it lacks the beneficial minerals and natural taste found in spring water.