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Our Premium Refreshments

Whether you’re looking to keep your workers hydrated while they’re on-site or you want a water cooler for the office, we can help. At Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water, we’ve been producing and delivering natural and refreshing spring water to homes and businesses in Emerald since 1994—from the Big Easel to Emerald Karting Club.

You can find more about our spring water here or browse through our blog for additional information. Want to leave a lasting impression with your customers? Up your marketing campaign with us; we produce high-quality bottled water with personalised labels. Click here to order online or call us on (07) 4939 3946 for your free quote.

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Swift & Efficient Deliveries

At Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water, we’re proudly family-owned and operated, and we deliver all throughout Central Queensland. In 1994, original owner-operator, Trevor Luck, founded the company with the aim of supplying locally sourced spring water to residential, commercial and industrial properties. His daughter, Janette, is now Managing Director; his son, David, acts as Operations Manager; and his son-in-law serves and General Manager.

Whether you want us to deliver to your doorstep, an office or a construction site, our drivers are available. We distribute our HACCP-accredited spring water to some of the furthest locations in Central Queensland, covering an area of almost 200,000 square kilometres.

With our extensive history of servicing homes and businesses, as well as our dedicated routes to supply mining operations and construction sites, we’re well-known for our swift and efficient deliveries. Our entire range is available online and you can learn about our service areas here.

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Spring Water

We produce and deliver HACCP-accredited spring water to residential, commercial and industrial customers in Emerald. We have our water tested fortnightly to ensure our supplies are healthy and chemical-free.

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Spring Water Delivery

Whether you need us to deliver to a remote mine or in the middle of town, we distribute our premium natural water all throughout Emerald and surrounds.

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About Our Water

We deliver naturally sweet and additive-free bottled water in Emerald. In fact, the N.A.T.A frequently reports our supplies are among the purest spring waters in the world.

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Coolers & Accessories

Dispensers, manual bottle water pumps, non-spill valves and caps—we have a wide range of water coolers and products available for hire or purchase in Emerald.

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Order Online

You can order from our entire catalogue of products in Emerald on our online store. Click here to browse through our water coolers, dispensers and bottled water.

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Promotional Bottled Spring Water

Whether you want them for a sporting event, corporate function or wedding, you can design your own bottle labels with us. We deliver throughout Emerald and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A major difference is the source. Most bottled water, such as spring water, comes from protected underground sources. However, most municipal tap water comes from surface water (dams, lakes, rivers) which is often subject to contamination and pollution.

The good news is that bottled water is already prepared for long-term storage, but the plastic bottles it comes in are not. This means you need to transfer the bottled water into sanitised metal or plastic containers with sealed lids.

Drinking water bottled fresh from a spring is safe for cats and dogs because it is chemical-free. They may even enjoy the taste more and receive additional health benefits.