Spring Water Yeppoon

One of the benefits of drinking locally sourced spring water is that it can be provided by specialist bottlers. We are one of a few suppliers who provide water to customers in Yeppoon and Rockhampton, so if you want the best water then we are here to provide you with high-quality bottled water!

When you speak to Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water about our range of bottled spring water, don’t forget to ask about our specialist bottling service.

Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water

Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water has been providing drinking water solutions in Central Queensland for over 20 years.

Delivering to Rockhampton, Capricorn Coast, Mount Morgan, Blackwater, Gladstone, Gracemere, Emerald, Cappella and Tieri

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Our Spring Water

Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water is available in 15-litre and 19-litre polycarbonate bottles suitable for water coolers. It is also available in cartons of 24 x 600ml bottles, and 1.5 litre PET bottles for individual use.

Our 15 and 19-litre bottles are used in conjunction with Water Works water coolers. Water Works coolers are Australian sourced, durable and suitable for installation on mine or construction sites. Their aesthetically pleasing design makes them equally at home in foyers, corporate suites and reception areas.

Our coolers come with a comprehensive 3-year warranty for parts and labour. We undertake maintenance and repairs on coolers in addition to supply and installation.

Bulk Deliveries

Aussie Gold Spring Water is single-origin water, sourced from a natural artesian aquifer. Our water is bottled on-site and available for bulk delivery to businesses, construction sites and mines throughout Central Queensland. With 25 years of experience supplying water to major projects, we have established a reputation for reliability and prompt, streamlined service. We understand the importance of complying with mine safety standards and operate a mine specs fleet of trucks and drivers.

Benefits of Spring Water

Aussie Gold Spring Water is sourced from an artesian aquifer where it is protected from external sources and pollutants. The water filters slowly through volcanic rock to the aquifer. This process purifies the water as well as adding the natural minerals which give it a unique taste. As a result of these natural processes, our water is naturally potable. No treatment or chlorination is required.

Our water is regularly tested to ensure it complies with Food Standards Australia and New Zealand. Our plant is HACCP accredited to ensure best practice at all stages of extraction and bottling of the water. Our extraction processes were tested for sustainability in 2007 by an external agency and we are happy and proud that the results indicated no environmental impacts from our extraction levels, with a significant margin for increased extraction possible.

Our Services

Our services include:

Supply of spring water in 15-litre, 19-litre, 600 ml and 1.5-litre bottles. Supply and installation of Water Works water coolers. Service and maintenance of coolers. Bulk on-site delivery to major projects including mine sites. 24-hour emergency contact.

Note: Water coolers may be available free of charge on application for major projects.

Karingal Springs

Our family property, Karingal Springs, is home both to the aquifer from which Aussie Gold water is sourced, and our bottling plant. Located on the slopes of Mt. Barmoya, north of the Capricorn Coast, we named the property with the indigenous word 'Karingal', which means happy camp when we purchased it 35 years ago. Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water is a fully Australian family-owned and operated business which started in 1994.

The business has grown since its beginnings and now employs a staff of 16. We have supplied our product to many projects in Central Queensland and continue to enjoy the custom of many clients including Yarrabee Mine, Jellinbah Mine, BHP Billiton South Blackwater Mine, Central Queensland University, Great Keppell Island and Rockhampton Regional Council.