Spring Water Delivery: From Natural Springs To Your Door


Here at Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water, we are dedicated to providing natural spring water to a variety of customers in the Central Queensland region. 

But how exactly does the spring water get from the source to your home or business while remaining safe and refreshing to drink? 

In this blog, we will go through the answer, outlining the process of spring water delivery all the way from natural springs to your door.

Clean Water On A Glass From Spring

Volcanic Rock

The first stage in the life cycle of our spring water is filtration through volcanic rock. 

The water filters through over a long period of time, in a natural and non-rushed process, meaning it gains natural minerals from the rock to give it a unique taste.

This ancient artisan aquifer is deep underground, within two layers of fractured granite. This means that it is free from the contamination that surface water can suffer from, because there are no outdoor factors that can reach it, such as air and ground pollution. 

Here, it is protected from all external elements for storage settlement.


The next step for our natural spring water is the filtration process. 

It goes through four stages of filtration to ensure it is completely safe to drink while limiting the number of unnatural additives. 

Our entire process ensures that it has natural purity so that no additives or chemical treatment is needed, such as chlorine, which is often used in tap water treatment.


Then, we use ultra-violet light purification. 

This advanced technology exposes any living organisms that may be present in the water to ultra-violet light, which is germicidal. 

This means that bacteria are prevented from spreading diseases through the water, without the need for chemicals or any additive which would affect the quality or taste of the water.


Finally, the water is extracted using state-of-the-art techniques so that it can be safely bottled and distributed to your door. All of the steps outlined take place on our family property, Karingal Springs, including bottling on our dedicated plant.

Whether you receive the spring water in the form of a bottle or in any of our huge range of water cooler choices, we can deliver in bulk and carry out installations for you to ensure you have immediate access to our great-tasting spring water. Our drivers deliver to all of Central Queensland.


We are HACCP accredited, this means we carry out fortnightly testing on our water. 

In addition, we are compliant with Food Standards Australia, New Zealand requirements for water quality testing, which takes place annually. We are also audited annually through Quasi. 

This means that our water is constantly being checked to ensure it is only of the highest quality, is genuine spring water and lives up to our high expectations.

Clean Water From Spring

If your business could benefit from a completely pure spring water supply, be sure to get in contact or call us today on 07 4939 3946 with us today to find out more about how Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water can be implemented in your organisation.