What exactly is spring water?


What exactly is spring water?
The average Australian consumes around 30 litres of bottled water each year, which amounts to 726 million litres in total. But despite its popularity, if you ask most Australians what spring water actually is, they won’t be able to tell you.

As a supplier of natural spring water, we feel that this is something that has to change. So in this blog, we’re going to explain exactly what spring water is and how it differs from other types of water – such as mineral and sparkling water.

So, what is spring water?
In its broadest definition, spring water is natural water that’s sourced directly from an underground aquifer. An aquifer is just a posh name for an underground deposit or reservoir of water.

Aquifers exist around the world, with geologists estimating there are around 10,400 in Australia alone. So there is plenty of water to go around.

How is spring water made?
If spring water comes from deep underground, why is it not dirty? This is a fair enough question and, fortunately, the answer is simple. The water stored in aquifers was once on the surface, falling as rain hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

As the water passed through the rock into the aquifer, it was filtered by limestone deposits which removed any impurities. The result is beautifully clear and clean water that is fit for human consumption without the need for chemical additives.

So in effect, spring water is made entirely by Mother Nature, but it’s bottled and brought to market by companies like us. Of course, we don’t just bottle the water and ship it. The water goes through several testing and filtration stages first, but no chemicals are added.

The final product is pure and chemical-free, just like nature intended.

Mineral water vs spring water
It won’t have escaped your attention that there are several types of bottled water available in the supermarket. There are mineral waters, sparkling waters and spring waters. So what’s the difference?

While the differences are small they are distinct so let’s take a closer look at them:

Spring water – Spring water comes from a named underground aquifer and is fit for human consumption at the source. No further chemicals or additives are added to the water before bottling. It’s simply tested and filtered to remove impurities.

Mineral water – Mineral water comes from a named underground source much like spring water. But before the water is bottled, further minerals are added in an attempt to make it more nutritious. However, sometimes these minerals can affect the taste, which is why some people prefer the natural taste of spring water.

Sparkling water – Sparkling water is made from spring water that has been infused with carbon dioxide under pressure. This creates the bubbles and fizzing sensation which give sparkling water its name. However, this process removes some of the natural minerals in the water.

Water the way nature intended
So, there you have it. The complete low-down of the types of water available and the differences between them. Springwater is the most natural of the products because it doesn’t go through any additional processes before bottling.

Aussie Gold have been supplying homes and businesses in Central Queensland with locally sourced spring water for 25 years. Our water is sourced from a local aquifer which contains water filtered through volcanic rock, making it extra pure.

This water is certified fit for human consumption – without the need for extra chlorination or treatment. So it’s truly water as nature intended. If you’d like to experience the beauty of natural water for yourself, get in touch today.

We deliver across Central Queensland with water available in 600ml, 1.5-litre, 15-litre and 19-litre bottles. We can also supply a range of water coolers to keep your water at the optimum temperature.