Benefits of Spring Water

  • HACCP accredited Spring Water operation extracting directly from a deep on site underground aquifer on the Capricorn Coast.
  • Independent testing consistently proves our source water is one of the purest in the world after being naturally filtered for years through volcanic rock.
  • Our water easily exceeds FSANZ & local government health standards.
  • Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water is NATURALLY pH 6.9 & has no additives. It is free from all contamination including mine discharges or other variables and it requires no chemical treatment to make it drinkable. It is a superior drinking water.
  • Our water is sourced from a deep underground aquifer, below metres of fractured volcanic rock, which is the BEST natural water containment & filter system available on Earth.
  • We now offer our new product ‘BRANDED BOUTIQUE WATER’ in 600ml bottles for your organisation, with your brand or company name on the label.  Contact us for details.