How To Get Kids To Drink More Water


Due to all the incredible qualities that water possesses, it’s no wonder why many parents might be desperate to get their children to drink it. As an (arguably) bland drink, children often squirm at the idea of having to drink water. Although getting a glass or two of water into your child may be tough, it’s definitely doable.

Here are some pointers on how to get kids to drink more water.

1.) Add natural flavourings
Sometimes all you need to do to make water more appealing to kids is to add some natural flavourings, especially so if the water is high quality and doesn’t have any nasty taste that needs masking.

Citrus fruits add a delicious natural flavour to water. You could also soak some berries in a jug of water, or add mint leaves.

2) Mix water with squash
Giving squash to your children is an easy way to get them to drink more water. A squash drink is about 80% water and it’s full of flavour.

There is an abundance of squash and cordial on the market and most are low in sugar, so kids can have multiple glasses without negatively affecting their health.

3) Use straws
There is something about straws that children love, especially extravagant and fun straws. Go shopping with them so they can pick out a straw they like. Putting their chosen straw in a glass of water is sure to tempt them.

4) Keep a supply with you wherever you go

Keeping a fresh bottle of water in your bag when out and about with your child will help ensure the water is always there should they need it. You may find when they’re more distracted it’s easier to get them to have a sip, too.

5) Make the drink look interesting
To get kids to drink more water, try creating a glass of water that looks exciting. You could garnish it with edible flowers, use mini cocktail umbrellas, put it in a bottle or glass that makes it feel special or use novelty ice cubes.

6) Set a good example
Children so frequently follow by example. Letting them see you drink water regularly will help encourage them and reinforce the idea that this is something they should be doing.

7) Create a reward system
You could set goals for your kid on how much water they should drink each day. If they drink the amount of water you have agreed upon, at the end of the week, you can treat them – even if the reward is not forcing water on them for just one day!

Keeping hydrated is so beneficial to us and it’s also a privilege to be able to do so. If you’re struggling with how to get kids to drink more water, try the tips above using deliciously fresh spring water. Get in touch with us today to order you and your family a supply of this miraculous drink!