Accreditation & Sustainability

HACCP accreditated

Aussie Gold natural spring water is HACCP accredited, ensuring your continuing peace of mind with the quality of our product. We also exceed FSANZ requirements for water quality testing, and continually implement global best practices.

The spring water industry is unregulated. HACCP is our seal of approval for being genuine premium spring water extractors. We’re audited annually and must meet stringent hygiene, bottling and distribution best practices. Council implementation of FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) only requires water testing once per year, while HACCP accreditation requires fortnightly testing.

Sustainable water extraction report

In 2007 Aussie Gold Natural Spring Water undertook a sustainable water extraction assessment to determine the sustainable yield and any potential environmental impacts upon our aquifer. The results proved our long term sustainability and negated any environmental impacts.

We pumped water for a continuous 24 hours, after which a council appointed body monitored the aquifer replenishment speed. Within 15 minutes, aquifer levels were back to where they were prior to pumping – in the middle of a drought! This proves the high sustainability of our aquifer.