Bulk Pallets of Spring Water

Aussie Gold Spring Water provide these cages on a rotation base whereby any number of cages are utilised to hold the empty bottles, alongside the cages holding the full bottles. Our FP2 pallet cages are stackable two-high, ensuring maximum use of limited floor space.Your preferred freight company returns the pallet cages full of empty bottles and we forward your next delivery. This ensures your drinking water supply is never interrupted and all empty bottles are returned for refilling. Any numbers of pallet cages are available for rent.

Our pallet cages have two front-opening, barn style doors with three shelves, meeting OH&S requirements for manually storing and stacking, and are lockable.

We can also provide vinyl covers for the pallet cages if they are required to be stored outside.

Aussie Gold has its own fleet of delivery trucks currently servicing Central Queensland mine sites and associated industries and we have the capacity to deliver in all other mining areas upon request. Minimum delivery numbers apply.

Bulk Pallits