Water Delivery

Water Delivery to Your Doorstep

We deliver your order to your door, ensuring you’ve always got a regular supply of great-tasting mineral water.

Some of the benefits of our delivery service include:


When you use our delivery service, there’s no need to make a trip to the supermarket just to stock up. We deliver direct to your doorstep, saving you the hassle of lugging crates of mineral water from your vehicle to your home. In addition, our online ordering service makes replenishing your water supplies effortless – just tell us what you need and leave the rest to us.

Large volumes not a problem

If required we can deliver almost any volume of mineral water. Particularly if you prefer to stock up for a few months at a time, or if you use a significant volume of water, you may find that you need several bulk pallets. We will deliver as many palettes as required.

Happy to deliver to remote locations

Our delivery vehicles are able to go almost anywhere! We deliver right the way across the Central Queensland region, providing Aussie Gold water to our customers.

Ensure you can get your Aussie Gold

All mineral water is not the same! If you crave the unique flavour of Aussie Gold, using us to deliver your supplies ensures that you’ll always have bottles of your favourite mineral water to hand.

Delivery Times and Areas

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Delivery to the Central Queensland Region including:

  • Rockhampton
  • Capricorn Coast
  • Mount Morgan
  • Blackwater
  • Gladstone
  • Gracemere
  • Emerald
  • Rolleston
  • Longreach
  • Biloela
  • Capella
  • Tieri
  • Moranbah
  • Clermont
  • Middlemount

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Is mineral water the same as tap water?

The short answer is no! Mineral water contains a mixture of elements such as calcium and potassium. Each mineral water has a slightly different taste. Aussie Gold is pure, fresh water drawn from an unpolluted, underground source with a delicate, appealing flavour. Carefully bottled at source in hygienic conditions, the resultant product is brought to you in peak condition.

When should you drink mineral water?

As Aussie Gold tastes so good, it’s ideal to complement meals, as well as to drink on its own or to use as a mixer. Providing optimal hydration, mineral water is a good option for work, home, or out-and-about. Perfect for the hospitality industry, the attractive packaging of Aussie Gold ensures it has plenty of visual appeal.

Where does mineral water come from?

Mineral water comes from underground streams that run deep beneath the earth’s surface. As the water runs over the rocks, tiny particles of minerals are picked up and carried along. These help to give mineral water its unique flavour.

Is bottled water safer than tap water?

Aussie Gold mineral water comes from a pure, unpolluted source. It is bottled in sterile conditions, ensuring it’s very safe to drink. In comparison, tap water is purified before going into the system, but may still contain a low level of contaminants. In addition, tap water passes through miles of underground pipes before it reaches you, where there is a risk of picking up particles of foreign matter. Whilst tap water is usually still safe to drink, bottled water is definitely a pure, safe option.

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