Bottle Cover

This neat little Neoprene bottle cover suits Australian standard 19 litre spring water bottles.


Plastic Dispenser

water cooler bottles empty


Also Available

Carton of 1000 cups $40.00*
Sleeve of 50 cups $3.30*
Cup Holder $27.50*
Cooler Clean & Sanitising $55.00**
15 litre Unlabelled Empty Bottles (including 20 caps) $33.00

*supplied free with rental contract
** Only available in some areas

Benchtop Caps & Stands

Benchtop bottled water cap & stand

19l water bottle

This is an affordable dispensing option. It features a chrome stand to sit neatly on a bench in a home or office environment. The “cap tap” dispenses water as required. (Bottle not included in package.)


Manual Bottled Water Pump

manual water bottle pump

Designed to fit onto an upright 15 or 19L spring water bottle. This easy manual pump options is a cost effective dispenser for in the office, at home or camping.


Non Spill Valve

non spin valve

This No-spill valve keeps the bottle sealed until placed on top of the cooler and reseals itself if the bottle is tilted while full. This cap is reusable.


Non Spill Cap

no spill 15 litre water bottle caps

This reusable cap, keeps your bottle sealed until placed in position on top of the cooler and like the valve re-seals the bottle if lifted off while full.



Powder Coated Steel Rack

bottled water stands

Powder Coated steel bottle storage rackfor of 3 x standard 15 or 19Lbottles of spring water. (Full or empty). Bottles not included.

3 Bottle Steel Rack $88
6 Bottle Steel Rack $135

Wire Rack

wire bottled water stands

This bottle rack is made of wire andholds 6 standard 15 or 19L bottles. Is both safe and convenient. Bottles not included.